Update: December 5, 2005


James BonallackThe 10th Hold'em 100 Poker Tournament was won at the Cobden Club on Sunday, December 4, by long-term Hold'em 100 supporter and friend James Bonallack. Despite complaining bitterly about his cards for a full seven hours, James still managed to triumph against some very tough competition. Congratulations to all our finalists, including Anthony Snelling and Henry Colman who came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

James said: "It's a great feeling to win the 10th anniversary event - the venerable Hold'em 100 is a legend in the poker diary due to the extraordinary efforts of Conrad Brunner � our heartfelt thanks have to go to him for ten dedicated years of fundraising."

The event, which attracted some 125 players, raised more than £7,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital - bringing the total raised for the hospital over the last ten years to nearly £100,000. A huge thanks to those who have helped make this possible, especially the many, many players who have attended every single tournament since the Hold'em 100 started.

Chiltern Cup Charity Poker
The second annual Chiltern Cup Charity Poker event is taking place on Saturday, April 29th at 1pm at the Chiltern Hotel in Luton. For more details, please visit the web site, or email

Unfortunately there will not be a full report on the 2005 tournament as the results went into Conrad's shirt pocket, and the shirt went into the wash. However, if you know where you were placed in the tourney, and would like it mentioned on the site, please do let Mad Harper know. In the meantime, it would be invaluable to have your feedback, especially if you have been to several - or all - of the Hold'em 100 tournaments. Please email your comments to Mad - we'd particularly like to know which of our four main venues over the years (the Cobden Club, the Western Card Room, Holy Innocents Church Hall and Porchester Hall) has been your favourite, and why.

Thank you, thank you!
Once again, we have many people to thank for making this yet another highly successful Hold'em 100 event, including Tournament Director Ron Fanelli and dealers Victor Bede and TC Dancey, ticketing whizz Katy Arnander, Fairplay's Julian Morel, Assi, Michael Arnander, Tim Breadin, Imogen Brunner, James and Heli Hartigan, Mad Harper, Mark Phillips - and all at the Cobden Club. Special thanks are also due to our sponsors, IT Help Desk and the European Poker Tour.

Thanks to you all, and see you next year.

Conrad Brunner
Organiser, The Hold'em 100

PK Simpson

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